Core Features

Manage at Any Time

Our Campaign Manager works on your Desktop, Tablet or Mobile device, so you can track your campaigns from any device. Manage everything at any time!

Schedule your Campaigns

You can schedule campaigns to Start and End automatically when you want.

Statistics & Reports

Mesure CTRs of your campaigns to improve conversion rates. Export detail reports with all statistics.

IT Independence

Launch instant promotions by not having to ask the IT team to deploy or update your Campaigns. Manage everything from our Administration avoiding lengthy IT deployment processes.


You can segment your campaigns to better target your audience and show the right content that converts better.

Reduce your Costs

With FastOverlay you can easily manage all campaigns, and since you don't have to waste IT time setting up your campaigns, your operational costs will reduce while increasing your sales.

Campaign Triggers

These are the events that triggers your campaign that you can setup to drive your sales!

On Page Load

Display a Promotion of a product or campaign as soon as the Page Loads having the user focus for that highlight.


Show a campaign after the visitor spends some time on a page. This can be used to ask the visitor to register on the Newsletter or send a contact for help on a product.

On Click

Display a Message when the visitor clicks on an HTML element

Exit Intent

Target your users with a Special Promotion when they are leaving your website and convert abandoning users into new Clients!

Scroll Down

Target your visitor when they scolling down the page. It can be used to suggest a user a promotional product when scrolling down big category pages.

On Hover

Display a Message when the visitor mouse hover an HTML element.

Content Types

Image Banner

The quickest and visual impressive way to promote your products. Just upload an Image Banner that is atractive to your visitors and watch the Visitors go directly to your products!


If you want to create a more custom comunication, you can use the built in HTML editor to create your message. You can edit the entire HTML code directly if you have the need to fine tune it!

External Page URL

Want to reuse and existing website page? Want to create a custom form with server side validations? Or want to use an external partner tool to capture leads for your newsletter? Just enter the full URL of that page and the content will be loaded inside the overlay!

Sample campaign



Choose witch URL pages will display your campaigns.


You can Include or Exclude countries to narrow the audience that sees your promotions.


Have campaigns targeted for the language the visitor is seeing on your site.


You can display diferent campaigns to man and woman to better traget your audience.

User Level

Level up your visitor from Anonymous user to Heavy buyer.


Choose if you want to display only on Computers, Tablets or Smartphones.

Increase your Website's

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